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The Southeastern Ohio Oil & Gas Association

The Southeastern Ohio Oil and Gas Association (SOOGA) is a non-profit organization comprised of local producers and businesses involved in the oil and gas industry. Established in 1978, by local producers, SOOGA established a voice to address issues and concerns unique to the geographic area of the Mid-Ohio River Valley. Sixty-four companies attended the first organizational meeting and since then our membership has continued to steadily grow.

With this growth, various standing committees, each chaired by a SOOGA representative, have established the power to actively address issues and concerns that arise from governmental, industrial, or member services needs and regulations. As a result of our years of dedication to the industry and local economy, SOOGA has become a highly respected and powerful “grass roots” watchdog for our members, communities, and industry. 

We firmly believe that our industry is vital to the continued economical growth and development of our country, and SOOGA dedicates itself to strengthening and protecting this vision.

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